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Mera Daawath is the one-stop resolution where you can find the event organisers in Hyderabad, with prices and reviews at the click of a button. Whether you are looking to hire marriage event management in Hyderabad or looking for the top photographers, or just some ideas and inspiration for your wedding- Mera Daawath can help you solve your wedding planning woes through its unique features. With a checklist, detailed vendor list, inspiration gallery and blog - you won’t need to spend hours planning a wedding anymore. See, didn’t we tell you how easy it is to plan a wedding? All we recommend is to enjoy the whole process and you will sail through smoothly. But the most important task at every wedding is to find the best vendor for all the different services like the venue, food, music, etc. And if one starts searching for the vendors physically in the market, it is going to take so much of time which is something every couple runs short on (besides money).

Best Wedding Planners in Hyderabad

We have the best solution to save-up your time and that is Meradaawath. We have more than thousands of trusted best wedding planners in hyderabad. You simply need to visit the website and enter the location. The list of all the top vendors will be shown on the screen. Indian weddings are no less than a festival, right? With so many wedding rituals and ceremonies, it is very much possible that you will forget things to do while planning and organizing your wedding celebrations. Whether you are planning an intimate wedding, beach wedding or a luxurious palace destination wedding in India, Mera Daawath that can give you all wedding vendors for your marriage planning. Be it a budget-friendly package or a resort wedding in Hyderabad there, are the few questions to ask your wedding planner before you think to start with your wedding functions: ...

  • Wedding Date: It is surely not possible for one to get married without fixing the wedding date first. Consult the elders in both the families and ask a pundit to bring out some auspicious wedding dates. Or if the families don’t believe in searching for dates in such a manner, then you can plan the wedding around the weekend, so that all the relatives, families and friends are free.
  • Fix-Up the Wedding Budget: Every couple has different means to get married. While some are comfortable spending crores on their weddings but for some spending 10-15 lacs is a big deal. So before you start preparing for the wedding, we highly recommend you to define the budget in which all the expenses will move. Also, keep a reserve to counter for any unseen expenditure.
  • Search for the Wedding Venues: You need to decide what kind of a wedding you want to have? For example, some prefer a simple wedding inside a hotel banquet while some want a lavish, decked-up wedding at a lawn or a farmhouse. Also if you are planning for a destination wedding then some favorite places for top destination wedding planners in Hyderabad. Hence, decide upon the type of wedding as well venue and then start searching for the available places on the decided date.
  • Decide the Guest List: How many people you want to invite to the wedding? This will have a direct effect on the wedding budget as well; hence it should be planned accordingly. More guests will require a bigger venue which is expensive and the food costs will also increase the expenditure proportionately.
  • Decide the Theme of the Wedding: Looking at the gorgeous ways the people are getting married these days, it can be easily said, there are a lot of design theme options available. And you too should plan for a theme-based wedding with various color options like red-white, golden-white, red-golden, white- blue and the list is endless. Also, if the color based designs are not too much of your choice, then themes like eight wonders of the world, Bollywood, classic Hollywood, etc are easily available.
  • Wedding Apparels: A lot of couples get so much involved in planning their weddings, they forget about finalizing their own outfits for the big day. And this leads to a lot of panic and mismanagement in deciding the bride’s lehenga and the groom’s sherwani. Therefore, we recommend you to freeze all the wedding apparels in advance and schedule at least 2-3 trial sessions so that the dresses look picture perfect.
  • Book the Food Catering Services: No matter how lavish or how simple the wedding is planned, at the end of the day, everything comes down to the food. Decide the wedding buffet menu in such a way that it becomes a crowd pleaser as well, like having a mix of Indian, Italian, Chinese, Lebanese, and Continental. The options in food are literally endless, but the planning has to be perfect. So search for the best caterers in town, decide the menu, negotiate the prices and host a wedding party which people will never forget.
  • Hire a Photographer: One of the best ways to relive any memory is either through photographs or through videos. So it is necessary for you to hire a photographer who is perfect at his/her job. In addition to normal photography, you can ask the photographer to click some candid style of photography as well and also a pre-wedding video shoot.
  • Hire a DJ to Rock the Wedding Function: Indian weddings are surely incomplete without the desi-bhangra, naagin dance, latka-jhatkas and much more. Therefore, you cannot miss hiring a great DJ artist who will keep all the wedding guests on their legs. As per many best event planners in Hyderabad, couple these days is going all-out crazy by having a dedicated disco-style dance area at their wedding function, to dance on.
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