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Wedding Baggi on Rent, Wedding Cars & Pallaki for rent in Hyderabad

At Mera Daawath, you will find solutions to A to Z queries and requirements for your wedding! When looking for pelli butta or pelli pallaki for rent in Hyderabad, you can shop from many vendors dealing in different products in different parts of Hyderabad. At Mera Daawath, you can find horse cart for marriage, wedding cars for rent and wedding baggi’s too.

If you are looking for Pelli pallaki for rent in Hyderabad within your budget, you are at the right place! At Mera Daawath, you can choose highly rated Pelli pallaki, Marriage baggi & wedding cars for rent in any location of Hyderabad from our elaborate showcase. To make your search queries accurate, you can filter your results by applying different filters like the accessories you wish to rent, price per piece, etc, among other things. You can browse through the listed vendor’s portfolio and read reviews by their previous clients to make the right choice for your wedding! ...


Way before pallaki's came into picture; South Indian weddings had this beautiful tradition of maternal uncle carrying the bride in the basket. A sweet and fun memory for women across generations is this cute moment. The moment of their bridal entry in a hand woven basket.
It is considered that a south Indian bride is an incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi during the wedding rituals and hence they don’t let the bride step her feet on the ground during the Gauri pooja or after that. When the time arrives for her presence at the Mandap, Maternal uncles carry her to the Mandap, and that is where she puts her feet outside.However, the recent generation wanted the humble hand woven basket to look Royal and beautiful, so here, we at Mera Daawath, provides these Bridal baskets a beautiful Makeover.


Pallaki can be called in many ways in different areas. It can be also called as palki, doli, palanquin, litter etc.At the special occasions like wedding and saree ceremony, Pallaki is used to give special entrance for bride/girl to the venue. Pallaki entrance will enhance the look of bride/girl on her event. To please the bride/girl on her special day, this is the best option.


What’s a wedding devoid of the magnificence and lavishness of yesteryears? Overlook the cars and motorcades, turn up in style on a Ghori (perfectly well-behaved ones) or take your bride back home in style in a flower-adorned or lit Baggi (Chariot). A flower garlanded Doli will not just become the talk of the town, but will definitely get your bride’s heart to flutter. A grand wedding is now about going all out with elephants and camels leading the way with jhoomer lights, Punjabi dhol, tasha, phul wali chata, shehnai, Rajasthani folk dancers and fireworks enchanting all.
The majestic chariot (Baggi) is accessible for widespread occasions such as Wedding, Ram-Leela, Shobha-Yatra, Independence Day, Celebrations and an assortment of related occasions.


The importance of Wedding Car Rentals can be observed by its requirement in the wedding day by the couple. The wedding car becomes essential in order to make reception more important. When you hire a car from a reputed Wedding Car Rental Services then these cars will be decorated tremendously by our expert team members. Number of car service businesses within industry especially for the wedding which has been supplying these kinds of car services for their customers. All the services provided by different companies largely differ from one another. On the wedding occasion it’s completely depends on the wedding couple that which car they wished to hire. Lots of companies have all the cars from luxurious one to sporty one. Royal cars like Jaguar or BMW, Audi, people can choose any of these to make their wedding feels Like Royal one, even for Sporty people cars like Aston Martin and people who love classic styles wedding cars they can hire old vintage cars or new classic ones.
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