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MERA DAAWATH we host information about a combination of multiple vendors who can bring your dream of an extravagant event come alive! Whether you are looking for exotic, international cuisines or wish to organize a combination of feasts for your guest, you will find a variety of wedding catering vendors on the portal. At MERA DAAWATH, you will find best wedding caterers in Hyderabad that provide an elaborate service- from exotic cuisines to Jain delicacies and exclusive street food and much more – Mera Daawath is a one stop solution to all our food bookings! Food plays one of the most significant part in any wedding function, be it your haldi, sangeet or the main event. So, while there will always be the standard buffet serving dal makhani and dum aloo, how about you try something new? The latest trend these days are the live counter stations! The food is fresh, hot, and delicious and served in bite sizes that are easy to consume while wandering from one counter to another. So here are 15+ live counter food station ideas that will 100% leave your guests in love with your wedding cuisine. A super offbeat and unique way of serving ice cream for marriage function, this is definitely going to grab eyeballs and would make up for a happening live station. Two very trendy Ice cream making techniques that are trend in the wedding scenes are—Liquid Nitrogen & Cold Stoned Ice creams.


Watching them get prepared is fun & a treat for the eyes and well, they're obviously super delicious. I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream"! Be it a kid, uncle, aunt, old person or yourself - ice cream is one thing that we all love it unconditionally. The creamy texture and wonderful flavors, ice cream is a big YES for a wedding. Keeping a live station counter for ice cream with a plethora of flavors and sprinkles will surely excite your guests. Well, after all how do you satisfy your sweet tooth! Any idea when khulfi was started? Well, it was back then, in 16th century and we thank the Mughal Empire to give us this sweet. With sprinkle almonds and pistachios this heaven can 100% satisfy your craving for a sweet. It not only ends here, we also have a unique fried ice cream that we bet you must haven't heard or seen before. Deep friend this ice cream is totally different and tasty too for your guests. These are a must for a chiller and easy-fun vibe which is why we've listed some happening and unique live food stations that you can have at your weddings.

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